Ladd Peebles Stadium a Mobile

Ladd Peebles Stadium

Ladd Peebles Stadium is a 38,000-seat outdoor sports venue located in Mobile, Alabama. The stadium is named after Ernest F. Ladd and E.B. Peebles, who played significant roles in the development of the stadium. Ladd Peebles Stadium has been a significant part of the Mobile community for more than 70 years and is home to the University of South Alabama Jaguars football team, the Senior Bowl, and the GoDaddy Bowl. The Senior Bowl is an annual all-star game that showcases some of the top college football players in the country, while the GoDaddy Bowl is an annual college football bowl game. The stadium is also known for hosting several high school football games and other community events. Its rich history and diverse events make it a great tourist destination for sports lovers visiting Mobile.

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