Hotel in Free State

Panoramica Free State

Hotel Città Classifica Da

By The Way Guesthouse Clarens  4 stars

898 Sias Oosthuizen Street, Clarens, Sudafrica

Clarens EUR 99

Mont D'Or Hotel, Spa & Conference Centre Clarens  4 stars

502 Sias Oosthuizen Lane, Clarens, Sudafrica

Clarens EUR 178

Florentia Guest House Bloemfontein  4 stars

Louis Bothastr 2C, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein EUR 47

Lala Dene Lodge Bloemfontein  4 stars

75 Pres. Reitz Ave, Westdene, Bloemfontein, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein EUR 49

City Living Boutique Hotel Bloemfontein  4 stars

Cnr James Scott & Dan Pienaar, Bloemfontein, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein EUR 84

Hobbit Boutique Hotel Bloemfontein  4 stars

19 President Steyn Avenue , Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein Favoloso EUR 56

A White Rose Guest House Bloemfontein  4 stars

25 Scholtz Street, Universitas , Bloemfontein, Sudafrica, 0321


Riverwalk Bed And Breakfast Clarens  4 stars

387 Church Street, Clarens, Sudafrica, 9707

Clarens Superbo EUR 78

Cura Lodge Bloemfontein  4 stars

1 Meeboskonfyt Drive, Pellissier, Bloemfontein, Za, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica


Dias Guest House Bloemfontein  4 stars

14 Dias Crescent, Dan Pienaar, Bloemfontein, Za, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica


Top House Bed And Breakfast Ladybrand  4 stars

1 Kerk Street, Ladybrand, Sudafrica

Ladybrand Ottimo EUR 33

Protea Hotel Clarens  4 stars

Corner Of Main & Van Der Merwe Streets, Clarens, Sudafrica, 9707

Clarens Favoloso EUR 119

Protea Hotel Bloemfontein  4 stars

202 Nelson Mandela Drive, Brandwag, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein Favoloso EUR 81

Drakensberg Sun Hotel  4 stars

R600 Central Drakensberg, Drakensberg, Sudafrica

Drakensberg Ottimo EUR 300

Protea Willow Lake Hotel Bloemfontein  4 stars

101 Henry Street, Willows, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein Ottimo EUR 85

Cathedral Peak Hotel Drakensberg  4 stars

Po Box 208, Drakensberg N/A, Drakensberg, Sudafrica, 3340

Drakensberg EUR 189

African Lodge Bloemfontein  4 stars

237 Paul Kruger Avenue Universitas , Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein Ottimo EUR 67

Premiere Guest House Bloemfontein  3 stars

4 Nauhaus Street Brandwag Bloemfontein, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein EUR 76

The Cavern Hotel Drakensberg  3 stars

Bergville, Drakensberg, Sudafrica


Golden Gate Hotel Clarens  3 stars

Golden Gate National Park, Clarens, Za, Clarens, Sudafrica

Clarens EUR 96

Andes Clarens Guesthouse  3 stars

Welgelegen Farm, Clarens, Sudafrica

Clarens EUR 149

Drakensberg Gardens Hotel  3 stars

Drakensberg Gardens Road, Drakensberg, Sudafrica, 4056

Drakensberg Ottimo EUR 119

Stanville Hotel Bloemfontein  3 stars

85 Zastron Street, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica, 1685

Bloemfontein Punteggio medio EUR 47

Bon Hotel Bloemfontein Central  3 stars

East Burger Street, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein Favoloso EUR 53

City Lodge Bloemfontein  3 stars

Cnr Nelson Mandela Drive & Parfitt, Box 3552, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica, 9300

Bloemfontein Favoloso EUR 58

The Golf Lodge Bloemfontein  3 stars

23 Milner Road, Waverley, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica, 9301

Bloemfontein Eccezionale

African Sands Guest House Bloemfontein  3 stars

90 Benade Drive, Fichardtpark, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica


Protea Hotel Montrose Harrismith  3 stars

N3 Highway, Swinburne, Private Bag X3017, Harrismith, Sudafrica

Harrismith EUR 60

Bains Lodge Bloemfontein  3 stars

31 Old Kimberley Road, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein EUR 48

Aha Bloemfontein  3 stars

Corner Of Parfitt And Henry Street, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica, 9301

Bloemfontein EUR 70

Peermont Metcourt At Frontier, Bethlehem Hotel  3 stars

Johan Blignaut Drive (N5), Bethlehem, Sudafrica

Bethlehem Favoloso EUR 41

Furnace Lodge Bloemfontein  3 stars

10 Jan Bam Street, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica, 9301


Black Mountain Leisure & Conference Hotel Thaba 'Nchu  2 stars

Groothoek Dam Road, Thaba 'Nchu, Sudafrica

Thaba 'Nchu

Kiara Lodge Clarens  0 stars

Golden Gate Road, Clarens, Sudafrica, 9707


Windmill Guest House Bloemfontein  0 stars

9 Nooientjielief Street, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica


Ashbrook Country Lodge Clarens  0 stars

73 Malherbe Street, Clarens, Sudafrica

Clarens EUR 180

Primavera Guest House Bloemfontein  0 stars

34 A Waverley Road, Waverley, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein EUR 58

Periwinkle Grove Cottage Clarens  0 stars

475 Swart Street, Clarens, Sudafrica

Clarens EUR 145

@Flo-Ben Guest House Bloemfontein  0 stars

3 Paul Roux Street, Dan Pienaar, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica, 9300

Bloemfontein EUR 67

Mai Guest House Bloemfontein  0 stars

27 Gunn Street , Universitas, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein EUR 45

Blue Crane Affittacamere Bloemfontein  0 stars

15 Welthagen Street, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein EUR 146

Relekane Guest House Bloemfontein  0 stars

16 De Waal Street, Ehrlich Park, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein EUR 49

Road Lodge Bloemfontein Airport  0 stars

Airport Road, Bloemfontein Airport, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica, 9301

Bloemfontein EUR 51

Bayswater Lodge Bloemfontein  0 stars

80 Wilcocks Road, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica, 9300

Bloemfontein Superbo EUR 76

African Footprints Lodge Bloemfontein  0 stars

219 Pres. Paul Kruger Avenue, Universitas, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica, 9300

Bloemfontein EUR 81

Monte Bello Estate Affittacamere Bloemfontein  0 stars

Tafelkop Farm, Vaalbank Suid, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein Favoloso EUR 28

Abiento Guesthouse Bloemfontein  0 stars

45 Donald Murray Ave, Parkwest, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein EUR 50

Angels Haven Guesthouse  0 stars

97 Castelyn Drive, Fichardtpark, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein Buono EUR 62

Cranberry Cottage Ladybrand  0 stars

37 Beeton Street, Ladybrand, Sudafrica

Ladybrand EUR 66

Belmont Guest House Bloemfontein  0 stars

4 Sixth Street, Arboretum, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein EUR 88

Bloemstantia Guest House Bloemfontein  0 stars

62 Eddie De Beer Street, Dan Pienaar, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein Superbo EUR 83

Camelia Guest House Bloemfontein  0 stars

74 Jac Van Rhyn Road, Universitas Ridge, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica, 9301

Bloemfontein EUR 48

Matanja Guesthouse Bloemfontein  0 stars

74A Albrecht Street, Dan Pienaar, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica, 9301

Bloemfontein Eccezionale EUR 43

The Clarens Country House  0 stars

213 The Clarens Golf Estate, Clarens, Sudafrica, 9707

Clarens EUR 201

Altissimo Guesthouse Bloemfontein  0 stars

Plot 11/3, Rayton, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica, 9301

Bloemfontein EUR 61

Lionsrock Lodge Bethlehem  0 stars

The Farm Klein Bloemhof, S175, 13 Km Gravel Road, Off R 714 , Bethlehem, Sudafrica, 9700

Bethlehem Favoloso EUR 93

Dersley Manor Affittacamere Bloemfontein  0 stars

10 Dersley Street, Bayswater, Bloemfontein, Sudafrica

Bloemfontein Favoloso EUR 72